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Community Breakfast

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In November of 2021, we identified a need to reconnect our community and hosted a community Thanksgiving, at the Skamokawa Grange. Recognizing its success, we decided to take our work a step further, through a weekly community breakfast.


We began in December of 2021, with a self-serve pancake breakfast, intending to go through May of 2022. Each week we've seen more community members, and even the occasional traveler. Its been remarkable! In fact, so remarkable that some weeks, we see upwards of 60 people, in attendance.  This success has prompted us to extend the community breakfast through the end of 2022 and likely into 2023. 

The community breakfast project has evolved into attendees bringing a dish or something to contribute. That said, in no way is bringing a dish, required to attend the breakfast. Please come as you are and are able. Speak Up Wahkiakum recognizes this is God's work.  We know He will provide. 

As an example, in April, we were recognized by Shoeboxes of Joy as an asset to our community and have partnered with them to reach our community. This partnership allows us to offer tax deduction receipts under their 501c3, when you contribute to the community breakfast.  Because its free, our work is intended to benefit all who are able to attend. For those who've asked, any financial contribution will directly benefit our community.  

We hope you'll join us!   

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