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Shoeboxes of Joy


Every year, the Shoeboxes of Joy season
begins the day after Thanksgiving.

Do know someone who might appreciate a "Shoebox of Joy"?

Thank you for helping us reach members of our community.​ "Shoeboxes of Joy" of Wahkiakum County is a Holiday Project funded by community donations. As such, it is limited by the number of donations received. However, we always do our best to fulfill every request.


Please note, request forms should be received by "Shoeboxes of Joy" no later than December 15th.  A request form is required for each box delivered.

SBOJ W 4.jpg

"I'm not crying, you're crying." Lol

Whomever were the ones who voted me in to receive these gift packs for my dogs and I.... (compliments of "Shoeboxes of Joy") dogs and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. #munchlove

More 2021 Updates

Shoebox Guidelines

& Items Needs!


Volunteer with Us!

SBOJ - Wahkiakum
Volunteer Information

Would you like to join us in assembling and/or delivering shoeboxes this year?  Fill out your info so we can contact you!

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